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Clients & Testimonials

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Chirag Rathod- Digital Manager at Capsicum Technologies, Inc.

I’ve recently completed my IELTS exam with an overall band score of CLB 9 after a 2-week preparatory course with Anu. I had found her on Quora and was impressed by her point of view about various IELTS materials available online. We connected over emails and started the course the very next day. I was keener to improve my scores in writing & listening since I did not score well in these sections in my first attempt. Unlike other coaching institutes where they make all of the students sit together, and teach them, with Anu the experience was entirely different. It was solely 1:1 teaching.  The format was explained, and common pitfalls were demonstrated. Not to forget the uncountable mock tests. It clearly helped me in identifying my scope for improvement. She provided me with adequate test materials and made sure she came back with a rigorous feedback and training sessions. Since the sample materials were calibrated to real test standards, the margin of the gap between mock scores and real scores was very minimal. She dedicated quite a lot of time on 1:1 session as the exam date approached. It seemed she was more excited to know my result, which is a sign of an actual guru. She was more than happy when she learned I scored CLB 9. I had, in fact, referred her to one of my friends who is expecting his results next week. If you are looking for someone to tutor/mentor you for your IELTS or any English exams, Anu should be your first preference.

For those who are curious to know my IELTS score:

BEFORE: L: 7.5, W: 6.5, S: 7.5, R: 8
AFTER: L: 8, W: 7, S: 8, R: 7.5

Ankita Narang- Member at Akshay Patra

Anu is a determined and an intelligent teacher. Her strategies are in alliance with candidate’s aptitude. She will first evaluate your level of performance and then guide you to become better. Her pieces of advice have worked for me point in time and she is good at reviving student’s confidence especially before the exam. She is disciplined, sincere and helpful. I liked all the classes I have taken from her. They have helped me extensively. Thank you, Anu!!