Welcome to Wings Educations! Our orientation session schedule is per our client’s convenience. We are open to be consulted over phone or via skype. We orient our students in the session about their choice of country, where they wish to study, the course/degree/program of interest, eligibility exams requirement, curriculum, when and how to apply, pre-application documentation requirement, number of years to complete the degree, estimated fee and tuition based on public or private university, estimated living expenses etc. We lay down a pathway for our student’s journey through and through in this session. This interactive orientation session helps us do our best to locate the finest university for our students and place them on a successful career path.
Note: Contact us to get a 15 minutes free consultation via phone. We only charge once you choose us and then we guide you A to Z throughout your journey in this positive life-changing decision.

Application Guidance

At Wings Educations, not only do we provide you with State-of-the-art university list based on your choice of Course/Program but we also guide you with specific university applications, the documents to attach, and estimated fee and tuition. We guide our students with all the links to different universities and support them in applying for specific programs. Not only this, Wings also offer email-writing guidance as well as phone guidance (as in, how to effectively communicate with University and Department Coordinators). Our services also include guiding students with shipping their documents and providing them appropriate University and Department addresses to mail documents to. These exclusive services make sure that you apply correctly to your choice of university via online medium and correctly ship required documents to the correct addresses.

Visa Guidance

You will get a complete preparation of the visa documents, booking and filling out form for visa appointment, prepare for visa interview. Not only visa guidance, we also help you with loan application guidance with selection of banks, your preferred rate of interest, how to divide the installments and many more.
None of the agency in India provides this service.

Course & Exam Selection Guidance

At Wings Educations, we make sure that you choose Course/Program that is directly in line with your professional career path. In case, you wish to go through a career change, we advise you in those regards as well. We make sure that your choice of Course/Program fits well with potential career change. If you already have a university in mind that you wish to go, the team can easily take-off and select appropriate proficiency and eligibility exam and proceed with Application and Visa. However, in case, you aren’t sure about which university to select, no worries! We have got you covered! We are here to provide you with a list of universities based on your choice of Course/Program. Once the university (or universities) is selected, we can go ahead with coaching you about the exams to be taken and how to register for the same.

Coaching for Exams

Here, at Wings Educations, you get guidance and support from start to finish. As eligibility/proficiency exams and performance in those exams are indicators of acceptance/rejection from a university; hence, Wings Educations provides you with state-of-the-art lessons for such exams. Our mentors are experienced professionals who teach and guide our students. We provide online Skype sessions for coaching our students for GRE, IELTS (academic/general training), and TOEFL (GMAT, SAT on request). Our Weekdays Package includes 1 hr/session (3 days a week); and Weekend Sessions include 2 hrs/session. We do offer flexible timings based on our students’ schedules. For preparation for exams, we use top-notch and premium material to coach our students and these include British Council, ETS, Barron, Princeton, Manhattan Prep, Kaplan, Magoosh, Cambridge and alike. Using such high-quality material coupled with online sessions and personalized attention guarantees success for our students in the very first-go. Contact us to find out more about our exclusive coaching services.

Tickets,Baggage,Accomodation & Forex

You will also receive our services for ticket booking and baggage weight assistance on successful admission, FOREX assistance for the currency exchange and denominations. For European countries, we will help you prepare basic conversational skills of the spoken language of the country before departure, such as German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian etc. Your accommodation will be finalized before you leave India via Wings Educations, for the ease of settling in the university town. As per your choice, all the communication and transactions of booking an apartment will be done before flying out.
None of the agency in India provides this service.

Bank account Opening,Managing expenses & International transactions

Once you arrive and ready for college,you need a bank account to manage your expenses and manage transactions from India in future. We will help you with bank selection with best facilities for international money transactions. We will also aid you with money management tips.
None of the agency in India provides such online training and classes.

Loan Application Guidance

We also help you with loan application guidance with selection of banks, your preferred rate of interest, how to divide the installments. You will get assistance with making loan applications to banks, and how to manage the loan money and its repayment in future.
None of the agency in India provides this service.

Job Search & Internship Search

Looking for jobs upon graduation is a difficult part, because a novice in the job market lacks the understanding of the knicks and knacks of job application, interview performance and settling into new job. In such scenarios, we come in to picture to help you start whether it is job search or internship search. We walk with you through every phase of the search till you land with an opportunity of your choice.

Resume Building & Interview Training

If you are looking for specifically resume building or cover letter assistance, you have reached the best place in the world. Unlike expensive and mediocre service providing websites on the internet, your resume and cover letter are built by few of the great professionals at a reasonable rate with a guarantee of call for interview in two months.*
Note : We guarantee the call for interview. Training for interview is highly recommended before scheduling.

Attorney Referrals

For those who are looking for solely Immigration advisement, our Partner Attorney’s will help you provide the best possible advice for your country of choice and immigration of choice. You can be a student, working professional, business person and you will still receive a quality immigration advice and immigration services too.*
None of the agency in India provides this service. Note : Lawyer fees vary from case to case. We are not responsible for attorney client contract privileges.

IELTS- Canada Express Entry & Australia PR

We are Certified English Language teaching entity. We hold IELTS general training sessions online with a properly developed curriculum. Regular or crash course classes are available. For working professionals, weekend classes are also conducted. The material, tests, progress, and exams are included in the package. Our material is best in the market and resembles the real-time IELTS Examination.